Facebook Lead Generation For Attorneys

Lawyers are recognized and respected pillars of the community, yet this does not happen overnight. People need to know your story as well as your achievements to build a relationship based on trust. When they experience a time of need for an attorney, you want them to feel as if they already know you.

Facebook Lead Generation For Attorneys

Today, the way to achieve this is through social media, the new place where the modern community converges.

T.A. Monroe a company that specializes in providing Leads to law firms, now aids Attorneys become the source of advice in their community, this brings more leads to their practice month after month in a natural way.

People go to their social media sites, like Facebook and there see interesting, helpful information presented by their trusted lawyer. Once they read the information, if someone requires legal advice, they will ask for guidance (qualifying the prospect) and fill out a form, then they can be reached and convert these into clients with ease!

The law practice achieves two things in the process, they present themselves as helpful within their community and attract people who require legal advice that correspond to their specialty, like family law, civil, criminal, bonds etc. generating automatic trust.

People will go first to these kind of lawyers before any other, because the problem they have is fresh and they want immediate advice on how to solve it.

If the person does not fill out the form, they will be reminded with remarketing that they can consult their friendly attorney when they are ready, increasing the chances of contact.

Why choose our attorney lead generation services?

When talking about lead generation for lawyers our services are incomparable. Our approach includes:

  • Advanced software implementation produces higher exposure on Facebook network than any other service available
  • Full Tracking of visitors to the website
  • Full use of all Facebook technology like tracking icons, remarketing and ad segmentation
  • Modern responsive forms (If Attorney has no website or website is obsolete one can be done for him/her for additional fee)
  • Continuous valuable content and posting on social networks (All content approved beforehand by law firm)
  • Call tracking available (for small extra fee per month)

Benefits of our lawyer lead generation services to your law practice

  • Adapts to modern life, people are on their mobiles… we put law firms where people look for them
  • Brings thousands of views to targeted individuals on specific geographic areas
  • Establish strong presence of the law firm within their community
  • More leads on a natural way, no selling, no chasing prospects around
  • Attorney builds brand, awareness and trust
  • More leads to their practice at incredible low rates
  • Leads are filtered and qualified to increase lawyer’s productivity and save time with prospects that would not convert.
  • Law practice will know exactly where their prospects are coming from.

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TA Monroe helped me with lead generation! Very pleased with their work!

David G.

PI Attorney

 TA Monroe web designing team is brilliant. They built us a beautiful website.

Shanon S.

Luxury Furniture Retailer

I got more clients just within a few months of partnering with TA Monroe.

John D.

Cosmetic Dentistry

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