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Nov 20, 2016

Lead Generation for Law Firms: What Attorneys Can Do About It?

lead generation for law firms

For lawyers who dislike traditional marketing methods, effective lead generation is something that thousands of attorneys sign up for with internet companies. Of course, many attorneys use their websites to attract potential clients by providing a short form for submission or having them call their number for a free consultation.

lead generation for law firms

Basically, this form of lead generation for law firms is nothing new. Many attorneys pay lead generating websites a small fee for the use of their services. However, what many lawyers are discovering is that getting leads is easy, but getting clients is still rather tough. Of the many calls that come in from the leads generated, very few tend to be those who become clients. This means that your Return of Investment (ROI) can be far lower than expected.

Quality Lead Generation 

To find a service that delivers quality leads, they must differ from the norm of those who are simply asking about legal issues rather than needing attorney services. Keep in mind that whatever service you choose means that your law firm is outsourcing to some degree its ethics and integrity. So, it pays to check out the service as much as possible before making any agreement. You’ll want to avoid websites that uses unethical strategies to get potential clients. Or, efforts that lower the perception of your ethical standing to the public.

Law firms can afford having a single lawyer do the screening from lead generation services, but attorneys working on their own must trust the lead generation service. This means addressing potential ethical issues by selecting from only the most established, well respected lead generation services designed for law firms and attorneys.

The best way is to search and visit the sites that offer such services as if you were a potential client. Look at how they address those who seek out their services and if they follow proper practices. You may need a little assistance from those experienced with unethical sites to spot potential issues.

Are Lead Generation Services Effective?

Keep in mind that even the best lead generation service does not mean that you increase the number of clients to your practice. As a lawyer, you will still need a good reputation and provide effective services to convert the leads to clients. This means that you will need to network in your community and build up your reputation much like the law firms and lawyers of the past.

Basically, a potential client looking for legal assistance is going to want the best in the business that fits their budget. So, while a good lead generation service certainly helps, it will only get results if you can “close the sale” thanks to the reputation that you have already established.

You may want to consider the option of building a referral network of your own. This will not have the immediate impact of standard lead generation for law firms, but it is far less expensive and over time far more effective. It takes time, effort, and considerable networking to create a referral network, but the results should exceed even the best lead generation for law firms.