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May 30, 2017

Top 10 Marketing Mistakes Attorneys Should Avoid


Your attorney internet marketing strategy does not need to be innovative to work, but it does need to be solid so that you can avoid the top 10 lawyer internet marketing mistakes that can set back your practice or law firm.

Failing to Write Relevant Blog Topics

You should have a blog and it should have regular content that relates to your field and specialty. This is because those who are looking for your services should see information that relates to what you do. The information should be helpful and timeless so that people can act from your information.

Insufficient Audience Targeting

If you specialize in a specific area, you will need to identify the people most likely to need your services and target them with your marketing efforts.

Lack AVVO Profile

AVVO is a legal directory and forum that many people use to find attorney services in your area. The directory is free, it’s informative, and helps you land more clients. Keep in mind that AVVO Pro is nearly $50 per month, so you might want to stick with the free service until you see it really working.

No Google Plus Business Page

If you think your website alone is enough, then you are missing out on plenty of potential clients. Getting a Google account and a Google Plus Business Page maximizes your chances of having people find your services.

Not Including Location Keywords

This is a simple, but devastating mistake as the lack of location-oriented keywords means that potential clients are less likely to find your services. By not including the location you serve, your practice or law firm will be far more difficult to find.

Not Using Keyword Synonyms

Not long ago, it was common to only use recommended keywords in a specific order and number. Today, you will need to incorporate synonyms to help broaden the reach of your keywords. So, add two or three synonyms to the main keyword in your content.

Poor Social Media Presence

Social media like Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn, and Google Plus is free, easy to set up, and lets you engage with potential clients. Don’t just create social media pages, use them to answer questions, post new information, and engaging with your audience.

Too Much Hard Sell

One mistake that many attorneys make is pushing their services too much. You want to remind people of what you do, but do not be overbearing. You must lead them to your services, not pound them over the head with it.

Using Less Popular Keywords

You are not using the keywords that are most often used by potential clients in your region. Using tools like the Keyword Planner (formally AdWords) can help you find the best keywords that help people find your services.

Where is the Video?

Video attorney internet marketing is arguably the most powerful strategy you can use. Today, YouTube is one of the most popular search engines ever and creating short, informative, and relevant videos can really boost your practice.


Effective lawyer internet marketing tactics uses a variety of methods to maximize web traffic and help you reach more potential clients.