Feb 04, 2018

10 Predictions for Marketing in 2018

The trends in technology are changing at a very rapid pace so it is important to be familiar with these changes so that you can adopt them for your business goals. The start of 2018 can be seen with business owners highly contemplating on how to make this year much better for them. The digitization is definitely a big thing this year too with the new technologies taking the front seat. If you too wish to stay in trend and adopt the new practices of marketing here are the top 10 predictions in marketing that should be look into.

Marketing in 2018

Social media to play a big role

Unlike the last year, social media will definitely be a big thing in the current year with better opportunities coming your way. Promotion through social networks will be on rise with more users connecting to it.

Visibility will be Prime

Your website will play a crucial role in the business as around 77% of businesses get leads through their website. So it becomes necessary that your website is well designed, optimized and definitely full of information and fresh content.

Reviews and ratings

The clients won’t connect to you unless your rating and the reviews are good so it will be essential that your user rating is high or else it will be difficult to get leads.

Focus on long tail keywords

No more the keyword research will be the prime concern but the marketers will rest upon the long tail keywords as a part of SEO – and include it in their content to get the traffic.

Micro sites – a big change

This year the micro sites will definitely prove to be a new change as it will help in driving high amounts of traffic. Sites with specific niche will surely work in the favor of companies thus helping them to generate leads.


The potential clients can be targeted through blogs where you can add your contact details or ways to connect with you.

Expand their reach

As the users will be employing a wide number of devices to reach you it is essential that you look into all the entry points and work on them.


This is something to watch out for as customization will surely yield the desired results with streamlining the entire process for different individuals.

Video content marketing in 2018

Video marketing is sure to trend in 2018 leaving behind all the other forms of content like social content, ebooks, blogs etc.


The Internet of Things will prove beneficial in understanding the customers and helping them in a better way. This means that you will have more opportunities to connect with your customers thereby moving their attention towards you. Thus IoT can definitely prove to be a big change and worth integrating too.

These are the top 10 predictions that would affect marketing so it would be good if you abide by the same to catch hold of your clients.

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