Feb 03, 2018

5 Methods to Use in Improving Online Presence and Lead Generation

If you feel that you are not getting as many new leads as your competitors, there are methods you can use to increase your results. Online marketing & lead generation can be complicated and expensive if not done in the proper manner. In fact, you may have heard of bad stories or even had a bad experience yourself when it came to marketing services online.

However, there are many businesses and professionals that are highly successful in generating online interest in their services by creating new leads and clients. By using the right digital marketing methods, they have managed to expand their business considerably and find new clients in ways that would not be possible using traditional methods.

In fact, the majority of customers that are looking for the product or service start by going online with search engines such as Google. So, here are five proven methods that you can use to improve your online presence and obtain better leads and more clients for your practice.

Responsive Design

Today, more people use mobile devices such as smartphones and tablets to search the internet as compared to laptops and computers. If your website does not have a responsive design that means it can only be seen by those who search with computers or laptops. You may have a specific mobile website, but that may cause complications as you are running two different sites. Instead, most people who find your non-responsive website using a mobile device will not be able to understand it and go somewhere else. A responsive design adapts to either mobile or computer screens so that it works for all devices.

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Phone Number

It’s amazing just how many businesses and professionals do not prominently display their phone numbers on the top of every page. By not making your phone number easy to find, people looking over your website can become easily discouraged and find someone else who puts their phone number where it cannot be missed. Plus, you can set up the number on your website where a single click will initiate a phone call.

Google Places

Having a presence on Google Places is free, effective, and a must for your business site so potential clients can contact you.

Facebook Pages

A professionally designed social media page on Facebook and other social media sites will considerably enhance your image. Plus, you can casually converse with those who visit these sites. Being active in social media also provides a means for your site to be shared and reach new customers.

Chat Services for Online Presence and Lead Generation improvement

Installing a chat service on your website provides visitors with a quick way to contact your offices about the services you offer. The chat system can be tied directly into your office or can be run by a third party to answer basic questions and provide information about how your product or service can help people. This is a simple, but great way to help bring in new clients.

By using all of these five methods, you can generate more leads which in turn benefit your business.

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