Aug 01, 2018

6 Rock-Solid Reasons Why You Should Start a Dropshipping Business In 2018

Dropshipping is now a well-known form of business for web-based entrepreneurs, and everyone is running for it. First, it easy and doesn’t require a massive upfront capital. Also, one is not obligated to handle the product for sale as everything takes place online. Simply put, your job becomes much easier with all required of you being the advertising bit of it.

Let’s have a look at few motives of trying dropshipping e-commerce business this year.

1.    It more flexible

You work will just be to sit down with your computer and make things happen. You can transact your business from your bedroom, office or even at as you relax taking coffee in a restaurant. You can buy goods or ship goods from suppliers in another continent and deliver to customers in another continent operating the transactions on your computer in another different continent.

2.    Dropshipping allows you to ship globally

Dropshipping is a pretty interesting business as you will have a chance to sell and ship across the border. You will notice that there are potential market and customers in other countries than where you are and furthermore, you will enjoy reaching new markets. As you trade outside your country you will be able to extend your customer base as well as you will be earning foreign exchange too.

3.    Minimal cost

Of course when you hear of the word ‘shipping’ packaging comes to your mind but worry less here you skip such work as you will never hold the inventory you are actually selling. Many trading companies usually include epacket shipping cost in their total price so you can also understand the total cost of shipment. Also you will skip cost of hiring staff and their monthly payments because there will be no goods to handle yet. 

4.    No worries of paying a rent

You will be paying for your house rent maybe but no any payment of storage space because no goods to be stored in a warehouse. You will enjoy for being saved from warehouse staff salaries, insurance and even warehouse management software.

5.   Less requirements to startup

For many businesses out there, it fails because of lack of capital to start the business or less startup funding which result to fall of a business. But for dropshipping it is a bit different because you only need enough funds to get a computer or a smartphone, internet connection, wholesale suppliers directory and automation apps to start a dropshipping e-commerce business.

6.    You are your own boss

Being your own boss means that you are the one in charge of everything in the business. You are actually responsible for the outcomes and downfall of your business. You will be the one dictating where and what time will you be transacting and to which customer. You will be forced to work hard to meet your goals because if you don’t do that, you will automatically fall and you will earn none. Your hard works will determine everything to your business.

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