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Who We Are

We are strategists and thinkers in the digital space. We specialize in helping B2B and Tech/SaaS companies perfect every step of their sales funnel.

We think in scalability. We’re scientific about profitability. And we bring decades of highly specialized B2B marketing, digital strategy, lead generation and more to your team.

We don’t have clients. We have partners.

Our goal is to act as an extension of your business, managing the levers of your digital marketing so your company can grow and scale. Over the last 10 years we’ve refined and perfected the systems and frameworks for scalable, digital marketing strategies that bring you the highest-paying clients and accounts in your space. We help B2B and Tech/SaaS companies scale profitability through high-quality leads, sales funnel optimization and automation.

We deliver increased quality leads, decreased cost per lead (CPL) and the peace of mind that your digital marketing efforts are built for continued year-over-year growth. We begin with a Competitive Analysis that identifies digital marketing opportunities at every step of the funnel and end with average results of a 200% increase in leads and 40% decrease in CPA.
Meet the Team
Your Satisfaction Is Important

Mario Lopez

VP – Digital Sales

Mario has an impressive knack for lead generation and digital sales. With 15 years of experience in areas like lead generation, SEO, content generation and more, Mario is adept at increasing conversion rates and devising sales strategies for English- and Spanish-speaking clients.

Alex Gluz

COO – Digital Marketing

In the words of a client, Alex is a “B2B digital marketing guru.” At T.A. Monroe Digital, Alex has created proprietary systems and frameworks for scalable, profit-driving B2B digital marketing strategy, framework, and execution that ensures scalability and a return on every dollar spent.

Gio Avila

Director of Sales & Marketing

Gio is an expert in helping SaaS and tech startups improve sales, business development and digital strategy. He’s spent more than 10 years helping companies increase market awareness and user acquisition.

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