4 ways to generate bigger B2B leads

Perhaps you have been able to generate quality B2B leads for your business that focus on your target customer and your conversion rate is high. What do you do to grow your business? One of the most obvious solutions is to generate bigger leads that result in more users and loyal users. Below we provide four ways to generate bigger B2B leads.


Generating leads and driving traffic to your website is crucial for success. Yet, generating bigger leads requires employing a marketing strategy that embraces the entire sales and marketing funnel. A broad focus allows you to fully optimize your funnel and develop short-term strategies that provide long-term results for bigger B2B leads. Specifically, a full-funnel approach allows you to visualize the stages a customer must go through when making a purchase.

When you use full-funnel strategies, you can monitor and learn about the journey through the funnel, providing valuable opportunities to nurture the sale and get the biggest B2B lead. This occurs because a full-funnel strategy promotes nurturing prospects regardless of which part of the sales funnel they are in.


You can use target marketing to generate bigger B2B leads. Once you know your market and create your buyer persona, you can craft effective messages for potential customers or clients as they travel through your sales funnel. Best practices include doing the research to create accurate buyer personas, so you can use them for targeting and ensure you get the biggest leads.

These buyer personas can guide you as you create ad campaigns on Facebook, LinkedIn, Instagram, and other websites. You can also use your buyer personas to drive your target market to carefully crafted landing pages. You can have one landing page for each group.


B2B buyers want to see professional content that places your brand as an authority. Providing subpar content, whether landing pages, blogs, or videos, suggests that customers should not rely on you as experts in your niche. Even worse, you send the message to B2B customers that you cannot handle the volume that comes with large accounts. The best way to improve the quality of content you provide to potential customers is to use metrics to learn about how your content performs.

For example, are readers or viewers sharing your blog and video? Do people remain on your site for only a few seconds? Once you have this type of information, you can increase engagement to make sure you are reaching your intended audience. Some examples include creating stunning landing pages that highlight your brand’s professionalism and provide videos that have high production quality.


Improving your lead qualification process is a must-do to get bigger B2B leads. Leads are different from prospects; some might differentiate the two as warm leads and cold leads. In either situation, you want your lead qualification to give you a warm lead by identifying three major things as you push them through your content and marketing lead generation pipeline. First, identify the problem the prospect has that your product or service fixes or solves.

Second, ensure the prospect has the funds and budget to solve their problem. Finally, ensure the person online or on the phone is the decision-maker. These steps might seem rudimentary, but they are crucial to ensure your team is trying to convert warm B2B leads.

T.A. Monroe helps businesses target, connect, and convert potential leads to help them grow their business. Set up a strategy call today, we can devise the right plan for you to get bigger B2B leads. 

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