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T.A.Monroe Team

Are you a strategic thinker as much as you are a doer? Join us

Who we are

We are a team of niche subject matter experts in areas from digital strategy to sales enablement and creative.


What we do

We build performance-based, demand generation strategies to fuel scalable growth for B2B clients.

Open positions

Project manager

Project Manager with a passion for making complex accounts with a multitude of moving pieces function at the maximum capacity

Facebook specialist

Complete responsibility of Facebook ads. Conduct keyword research and optimize the campaigns. Optimize the ad copy, landing pages for the best lead quality.

Google Ads specialist

Complete responsibility of Google ads. Conduct keyword research and optimize the campaigns. Optimize the ad copy, landing pages for the best lead quality.

Account Manager

Account Manager with 3+ years of experience within an agency environment.

Benefits & Perks

Work from anywhere

We want you to get things done in a healthy work environment for you – it doesn’t matter where that is.

No micromanagers here

We hire people we trust – so we trust our people know best. We work together while acknowledging our individual strengths.

We’re all about honesty

We pride ourselves on transparency internally and externally. We ask for help when we need it and we value feedback.

Diversity makes us stronger

Our team members are niche experts with unique perspectives and backgrounds. Collaboration makes us stronger.

Our Core Values

We prize honesty and integrity both in our work and daily interactions with either other. We’re nerds about strategy and we enjoy being team players.


Empower growth together

Not just for clients. We’re here for growth on a company and personal level too.


Stay 5 steps ahead

Lead with strategy. Always be data- and performance-driven.


Be uncompromisingly bold

Be a cheetah – fast and focused. Take on challenges with excitement.

“If you get excited about building demand gen frameworks that help clients win again and again, come join us!”

Alex Gluz

CEO & Founder at T.A. Monroe