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How we beat their client
acquisition goal by 50% for 25% less budget

Before T.A.Monroe

Funding Gates, a Credit & Collections Management Platform serving B2B clients, needed to ramp up client acquisition – fast. They needed digital campaigns that converted prospects and prioritized high-value leads.

to Maximize Ad Spend

  • Allocate budget between LinkedIn, Facebook
    and Google Ads strategically
  • Create bespoke content
  • Decrease the life of the sales cycle

What we did

We partnered with Funding Gates to create a digital campaign with ads on Google, LinkedIn and Facebook, starting at square 1 – creating an optimized funnel with ads targeted to specific stages in the buyer journey.

How we did it

Brought marketing and sales together
We created a full-funnel strategy to ensure not only a seamless transition from marketing to sales, but full collaboration between departments, including dedication to the same goals, metrics and strategy.
Created bespoke content for TOFU, 
In order to add the most value for prospects as they moved through the sales funnel, we tailored content and messaging to every stage.
Developed Google Ads, Facebook Ads and LinkedIn Ads
A multi-channel approach let Funding Gates target various key audiences simultaneously. Google Ads captured sales ready buyers, while Facebook and LinkedIn increased brand reach and educated prospects with relatively less intent to buy.
Made landing pages to accompany campaigns
In addition to custom content, our creative team designed landing pages for Google, Facebook and LinkedIn Ads. All were tested and optimized to maximize conversion.
Left a blueprint for capturing MQLs 
& generating demand
We wanted Funding Gates to be able to use what the data and our framework revealed to be most effective in acquiring new customers. We optimized the funnel, ads across campaigns and more. We honed in on audiences that Funding Gates hadn’t reached before. The campaigns are over, but the formula remains.
Systematically nurtured high-quality leads
Using science-based strategies, we skipped top-of-funnel lead gen and focused on nurturing MQLs. When we zeroed in on high-value leads, CPA dropped significantly.

The Results

Beat customer acquiring goal by 50%

-25% decrease in budget ad spend

The Feedback

“B2B Digital marketing GURUS! Alex and his team are terrific to work with. Their passion and understanding of LinkedIn Ads and Google AdWords for SaaS came in handy as we needed to build our Lead Generation strategy from the ground up. They are patient and have the perseverance to run experiments and shift gears / adapt if needed multiple times until something works.

They worked with multiple companies in various industries (for start-ups as well as large corporations), so they’ve seen a lot and have a great sense of what the best practices are in marketing and provide new insightful ideas.

So far, we’re exceeding our new client acquisition goals by 50% and we’re 25% under our CPA target. I’d definitely recommend TA Monroe Digital.”

Jean-Marc Freuler

CEO, FundingGates

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