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Driving 130% More Growth Year on Year in the SMB Sector for Katana

Before T.A.Monroe

Katana is on a mission to build software that businesses love as much as the products they sell. Although their SMB growth was steady YoY, they were not satisfied and wanted to accelerate expansion in the $10-50M SMB segment. Therefore, at the start of Q2, Katana sought help from T.A. Monroe.

Key opportunities we identified

  • Increase the relevance of messaging for the $10-50M SMB segment
  • Refine targeting and outreach to penetrate faster-growing accounts
  • Optimize campaigns to align with decision makers’ buying journey

Our Strategy

Clarifying Value Proposition
We refined the messaging on Katana’s LinkedIn and Meta campaigns to more explicitly articulate Katana’s value for different SMB industry verticals.
Targeted Ad Campaigns
Paid social campaigns spoke directly to the individual segments within the ICP with relevant messaging matched to their pain points and priorities.
Identified Ideal Decision Makers
We leveraged intent data and insights to pinpoint rising stars within key accounts to pursue via tailored outreach campaigns generating specific messages for end users and decision-makers within our target audience.
Built a Scalable Demand-Gen Framework
We equipped Katana with a methodology and blueprint for ongoing demand generation success. Leveraging data-driven insights around high-performing audiences, messaging, and content, we optimized their marketing funnel and campaigns to capture more MQLs.

The Results

Our data-informed approach delivered standout returns, especially in the mid-market segment:

15% higher
SMB growth

130% growth
YoY in the $10-50M
SMB segment

60% increase
in traffic to site from paid social YoY

The Feedback

“T.A. Monroe has been an instrumental partner in speeding up customer acquisition in the SMB segment. With their help, we’ve been able to reach our ideal customers more effectively, resulting in meaningful revenue growth.”
Petteri Jalonen

Growth Marketing Lead at Katana

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