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How we helped Mesmer get 37x in number of leads by redefining ICP

Before T.A.Monroe

Mesmer is a B2B/SaaS company that specializes in application experience management for middle-sized and enterprise companies. They were running in-house ads with the goal of client acquisition, but had some questions to answer:

  1. What opportunities to maximize our results are we missing?
  2. Are we reaching our ideal audiences?

Key opportunities we identified

  • Building and optimizing a full-funnel strategy and content framework 
  • Redefining the target ICP audience for ​​more specific targeting
  • Reworking advertising messages to attract decision-makers

What we did

T.A. Monroe helped Mesmer to build the logic of promoting their product with the ads to focus on the right audience, optimize their funnel and create high-performing LinkedIn campaigns.

How we did it

Optimized the funnel

Optimized the funnel, zeroing in on missed opportunities and planning content tailored to each stage

Redefined ICP

Redefined the target ICP audiences and segmented audiences with highly targeted messaging

Improved structure

Improved structure of account-based marketing to improve traffic quality

Build campaigns

Built personalized campaigns on LinkedIn to improve engagement

Scaled campaigns

Scaled campaigns to improve account performance and maximize results

The Results

+118% increase in ad spend

-93% decrease in cost per click

+3700% increase in number of leads with +141% 
in lead form opens

The Feedback

“Alex is a top 1% B2B marketer. He’s methodology and frameworks are applicable for any goal. He’s data-driven and works diligently to ensure campaigns provide learnings and outcomes. Strongly recommended for any marketer or team looking to up level their paid social and search posture.”

Dan Merrits

VP of Product at Mesmer

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