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How we helped Netevia grow by 5x in 6 months with a brand new product

Before T.A.Monroe

Netevia was preparing to launch a brand new POS system. Before partnering with T.A. Monroe, Netevia had paid search and Facebook campaigns in place. But they faced a challenge: The product had no name recognition in their market. They needed
to amplify their brand to get new customers on board
with a new product.

What we did

Fusing data from their existing campaigns with our science-based framework, we created a new digital strategy fitting of an unknown product. Funnel optimization, targeting and social media marketing are just some parts of our demand gen strategy.

How we did it

Created brand awareness campaigns

To get new customers on board with an unknown product, Netevia needed to show their market why to trust them. Digital campaigns amplified their brand and led to a significant increase in share of voice.

Revamped the paid media strategy

Focusing primarily on Facebook and Instagram, we created highly targeted campaigns to engage high-value leads. In addition to jumpstarting brand awareness, this new paid media strategy captured existing demand as well.

Created ad for a top-to-bottom funnel

When Netevia had increased their brand reach, next it was time to create ads to bolster engagement to a warm audience.

Set Netevia up to scale

Our demand generation framework is built on processes that systematically increase and predict revenue. As these systems work over time, results increase exponentially. This was especially important for a young company with a brand new product.

The Results

+420% increase in number of leads

-46.9% decrease in cost per acquisition

+53.8% increase in share of voice

+700% increase in new customer acquision

The Feedback

“We were nervous about what to expect with an unknown product. When we saw results from our initial campaigns, we knew we needed a better digital strategy. T.A. Monroe took us to the next level. The team really brought that next layer of expertise we needed. The results speak for themselves. I highly recommend T.A. Monroe Digital.”

Eduardo Mora

VP of Marketing at Netevia

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