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How we slashed MQL cost by more than 90%
in just 5 months

Before T.A.Monroe

Rocketrip, an enterprise-focused company with long sales cycles, was pumping out in-house ads with the goal of client acquisition.

Key opportunities we identified

  • Capturing existing demand, starting with a full-funnel optimization
  • Zeroing in on key decision-makers with better targeting, content marketing & digital campaigns
  • Dramatically decreasing cost-per-acquisition (CPA)
  • Puting systems in place to scale & predict revenue

What we did

T.A. Monroe helped Rocketrip put systems in place to focus on the right audience, optimize their funnel and create high-performing LinkedIn and Google Ad campaigns.

How we did it

Fixed a top-heavy funnel
Rocketrip was betting on lead generation strategies. This focus on top-of-funnel cast too wide a net and wasn’t reaching the right decision-makers at the right time. We optimized Rocketrip’s funnel, identifying missed opportunities at each stage. Analytics for KPI measurement were built into the new funnel.
Captured existing demand
Rocketrip’s optimized funnel shifted away from lead gen to capture ready-to-buy leads that hadn’t converted. We honed in on Rocketrip’s target market with improved targeting and bespoke content, and cut out B2C audiences.
Generated demand with content marketing
We worked with Rocketrip to create content that added consistent value for potential clients, keeping their brand top-of-mind and establishing trust. Our team also optimized creative according to the stage in the buyer journey, channel and audience. Our growth framework enabled Rocketrip to measure their content’s strategy ROI and more.
Google, LinkedIn and Facebook campaigns
We optimized Rocketrip’s existing ad campaigns and created new full-funnel campaigns to increase pipeline velocity and decrease the length of the sales cycle. Our paid search and social experts tested, tweaked and monitored KPIs to optimize campaigns.
Set up ways to measure ROI from day 1
We created content and campaigns with built-in ways to measure performance and put a scientific framework in place to predict results.

The Results

+1700% increase in number of leads

-95% decrease in cost per MQL

5 months of partnership

The Feedback

“T.A. Monroe has been a tremendous help in not only revitalizing our digital strategy but exceeding our expectations, particularly when it comes to our LinkedIn campaigns. While some external parties we’ve worked with have only been doers, the team at T.A. Monroe proved themselves to be thinkers as well. I highly recommend T.A. Monroe”

Vince Lione-Napoli

Marketing Data Manager at Rocketrip

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