How we helped Aptito POS Solutions grow by 5x in 6 months with a brand new product

The Challenge

After launching a new POS system unknown to restaurant owners, Aptito LLC employed paid search and Facebook ads – but weren’t seeing results.

Key Results


Customer Acquisition





The Solution

T.A. Monroe Digital partnered with Aptito to optimize their sales funnel and create multi-channel campaigns. We developed new product strategies and built campaigns around new products with a focus on Facebook and Instagram. We revamped paid media strategy with highly targeted Facebook/IG ads for lead generation, including brand awareness campaigns. Finally, we created ads for a top-to-bottom sales funnel to bolster engagement to a warm audience.

The Results

One year after partnering with us, Aptito hired 5X more sales reps and increased their budget 4X. But just 3 months in, Aptito saw:

increase in the
number of leads

decrease in cost
per acquisition (CPA)

increase in
share of voice

increase in new
customer acquisition

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In 3 months, we increased Aptito’s customer acquisition by 700%. How can we help you?