Rocketrip slashes MQL cost by more than 90% in just 5 month after teaming up with us
The Challenge
Rocketrip, an enterprise-focused company with long sales cycles, was running ads in-house that produce MQLs at very high cost and generating plenty of non-qualified leads.
The Solution

T.A. Monroe Digital partnered with Rocketrip to optimize existing Google Ads, Linkedin Ads and FB campaigns. Our objective was to reduce cost per MQL, increase the number of quality leads and decrease the sales lifecycle.

Here’s how we did it:
  • Developed strategies to overhaul targeting, content creation and delivery
  • which are real interest and importance to the ICP with the main focus on Google Ads and Linkedin
  • Optimize flows and strategies with a focus on removing B2C targeting to prioritize target B2B audiences and improving cost per lead
  • Built campaigns around content
  • New and improved full-funnel campaigns captured the majority of the formerly non-converting leads
  • Updated creative with eye-catching design and engaging content
  • Created ads for a top-to-bottom sales funnel to bolster engagement for a warm audience.
The Results

After partnering with us for just 5 months, Rocketrip saw a 1700% increase in number of leads and more than 95% decrease in cost per MQL.

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