breaks record virtual summit attendance for the largest social advertising online summit

The Challenge

Leading social advertising platform,, faced an overall decrease in outbound activity due to Covid-19. So they organized the Sofa Summit, a virtual social advertising event with an impressive array of speakers. Their goal: Brand awareness. Their challenge: Get a lot of signs in a short amount of time for an event no one had ever heard of before.

The Solution

Working closely with the brand team, we developed a strategy for targeting and engaging best social advertising marketers in the industry. Focusing on Linkedin as our primary channel, we quickly fine tuned ads through A/B testing. Within 4 weeks we received more than 400 highly qualified sign-ups for the event. And that was just the beginning.

The Results

The Sofa Summit was a huge success, with many attendees, including the hundreds we generated in four short weeks on LinkedIn. Leading brands and agencies were able to participate. As a result brand awareness, quality and quantity of lead increased after the event.




Sign-ups alone



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