Aug 03, 2016

Designer Vintage Inc Web Presence Development Project

We were able to grow our E-commerce portfolio by teaming up with Designer Vintage Inc. We created a shopping experience of high quality, focusing on  clean and elegant design, usability, and wide product selection.

Designer Vintage Inc, is a women’s and kids luxury consignment store in Brooklyn, NY, with variety of designer apparel and luxury goods. From Chanel, Hermes to Prada and Louis Vuitton, Designer Vintage Inc is the go-to shop for New York’s most fashionistas.
Designer Vintage Inc Clean Website Design



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Services: Graphic Design,Web Development, SEO, SEM,Email Marketing,Social Media

website maintenance and hosting.


 checkout_pr  choice_pr  item_pr  product_pr  shop-by_pr  sizechart_pr

  • One step checkout
  • Choice
  • Item views
  • Product
  • Shop by
  • Size chart

Adaptive design

 Designer Vintage Inc ecommerce

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