Grow Your Reach & Revenue With LinkedIn Ads

We will help you:

  • Define, reach and attract your ideal audience
  • Create demand and drive high-quality leads at scale
  • Maximize results and ROI with proprietary analytics
  • Design and write proven ad creatives for winning sales
  • Test and optimize to drive the most successful ads

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Reach Your Ideal

LinkedIn is a landscape primed for B2B content and ripe with targeting options. Did you know 4 out of 5 people on LinkedIn drive business decisions?

Our specialized experts help you reach the right decision-makers and drive demand.

Custom LinkedIn Strategy

Whether you have your sights set on increasing reach, capturing more quality leads or customer acquisition, 
we can help.

Audience Targeting

A plethora of targeting options means plenty of opportunities – from which targeting options to layer to which audiences to exclude.​

Effective Ad Copy Creation

Ensure you're using best practices to get the best results. We know what kind of headlines and texts convert.

Attractive Banners Creation

We know how to get more attention and attract customers using the latest trends and best design practices.

Testing & Optimization

Know what’s driving your most effective ads & content. Testing and optimizing isn’t just one step of our process – refining never stops.

Deep Analytics Insights

In place of educated guesswork, our proprietary analytics systems are at your disposal. This way, you maximize results and ROI.

Get Fully Optimized
Data-Driven Framework for LinkedIn Ads

T.A.Monroe is different. We have science-based tactics and a Fully Optimized Data-Driven Framework for LinkedIn Ads.

We use our frameworks to systematically scale revenue, increase pipeline velocity, and lower customer acquisition costs.

Before T.A.Monroe

  • Confused about how it all works
  • Crappy traffic
  • High CPCs
  • Wasted spend
  • Unclear communication
  • Lack of transparent results

With T.A.Monroe

  • An organized roadmap
  • Specific audiences
  • Data-driven decisions
  • Weekly communication
  • Results delivered
  • Progress is clear

Our winning process



Comprehensive audit 
to identify the key opportunities



Build a full-funnel strategy, clarify goals and vision



Prepare campaigns, create ads, setup, and launch



Review results and build optimization strategy



Adjusting campaigns and scale for predictable results

Featured results

Our methods are based on decades of experience. We implement systematic processes that generate bottom-line results.

Proprietary analytics systems put your data to work to maximize results, not ad spending. Our step-by-step framework leads to predictable business growth.

Slashed MQL cost by 90% 
in just 5 months.

“T.A. Monroe has been a tremendous help in not only revitalizing our digital strategy but exceeding our expectations. The T.A. Monroe team proved themselves to be thinkers as well as doers.”
Vince Lione-Napoli Marketing Data Manager at Rocketrip

Beat client acquisition goal 
by 51% for 25% less budget

“Alex and his team are terrific to work with. Their passion and understanding of LinkedIn Ads and Google AdWords for SaaS came in handy as we needed to build our Lead Generation strategy from the ground up.”
Jean-Marc Freuler CEO, FundingGates

Grow Your Business
With LinkedIn Ads

Starting with a 30-minute discovery call helps us get to know a bit about each other and figure out how our Digital Growth Framework can help you with LinkedIn Ads.

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