Building a Successful Marketing Strategy With Bonnie Crater of Full Circle Insights

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Bonnie Crater is an experienced B2B marketer and the CEO and President of Full Circle Insights. The company works with other businesses to get the most out of their Salesforce platform. She previously worked with Salesforce, Realization Technologies, and Genesys. Bonnie graduated from Princeton University with a degree in biology before pivoting to marketing and management at Oracle.

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Marketing can feel like a game of trial and error — experimenting until something finally works. It’s a haphazard approach, and while it can work, it often yields little reward. The best marketing strategies are precise, methodical, and built on a strong platform. Many companies use Salesforce as their platform, but how many use it to its full potential?

Bonnie Crater started Full Circle Insights to not only help companies in their marketing, but to better navigate the Salesforce platform. She previously worked at Salesforce, so now she’s channeling that experience into a marketing strategy that has consistently worked for herself and others. So what’s Bonnie’s approach?

Alex Gluz has an insightful conversation with Bonnie Crater, the CEO and President of Full Circle Insights, to discuss marketing strategies. They touch on subjects such as revenue planning, agile marketing, and the barriers to entry for attribution. She goes on to discuss her own career and what her company does to stand out from the rest. Hear it all on this episode of the Revenue Engine Podcast.

Here’s a glimpse of what you’ll learn:
  • How Bonnie Crater became a successful marketer
  • The problems with attribution and how to overcome them
  • Best advice for successful revenue planning
  • What is agile marketing and which methodologies work?
  • Interpreting data to grow your company
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