Creating Organic Leads Through Better Marketing With Matt Richards of Aqua Security 

Matt Richards
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Matt Richards

Matt Richards is an international business and product marketing leader with more than 25 years in B2B technology working with companies of all sizes. He is the Chief Marketing Officer for Aqua Security, the largest pure-play and cloud native security company worldwide.

Before Aqua, Matt was the CMO for Datto and the VP of Products and Markets at ownCloud among other leading positions. He brings his mindset from mechanical engineering to marketing in order to find clever solutions to drive growth.

In this episode

Marketing is driven exclusively by data and numbers, but there is a lot more to consider if your brand is going to keep growing. Behind the analytics are real people. The best forms of marketing require trust, understanding people, and content that naturally captures customers. 

Matt Richards of Aqua Security has spent nearly 25 years learning how to market products effectively. His approach is focused less on feeding funnels and more on the customer’s perspective. So what does this mindset look like when applied to marketing campaigns?

In this episode of the Revenue Engine Podcast, Alex Gluz sits down with Matt Richards, the CMO of Aqua Security, to discuss organic marketing in the security industry. They talk about Aqua Security’s business model, what a successful dimension strategy looks like, and how they overcome the challenges of the industry. Lastly, they discuss Matt’s background and the best advice he’s received.

Here’s a glimpse of what you’ll learn:
  • How Matt Richards uses his mechanical engineering experience for marketing
  • The two fundamental keys to successful marketing
  • Aqua Security’s business model and what sets them apart
  • What are the biggest challenges facing the security industry?
  • Building a successful dimension strategy in the B2B space
  • Why trust is crucial for marketing campaigns
  • The best advice that Matt ever received
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