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Arsen Stepanyan

Arsen Stepanyan is the Co-founder and CEO of, a business offering restaurant industry solutions to streamline the ordering process and increase revenue. In addition to his business, he is a board member at BuildUp Bootcamp. He started his career as a small business owner and has translated that experience into expertise with his new business.

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Technology designed for restaurants faces an uphill battle. The unique challenges of the restaurant industry lead to difficulties for third-party software. If marketed correctly, the wide consumer pool can be a great advantage for companies. If marketed poorly, however, prevalent skepticism can halt any forward progress. So how can technology businesses properly market themselves to restaurants?

In this episode of the Revenue Engine Podcast, Alex Gluz is joined by Arsen Stepanyan, the Co-founder and CEO of, to discuss demand generation for restaurant industry technology businesses. The two break down the unique attributes of restaurants, how to market the specific technology, and making the software accessible.

Here’s a glimpse of what you’ll learn:
  • Creating a business to fill a customer’s need
  • How makes their technology accessible to restaurants
  • Arsen Stepanyan’s approach to marketing his technology
  • Generating increased demand for an optional product
  • How Arsen would use funding for a startup
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