Innovative Technology for the Construction Industry With Lew Schulman of iBUILD Global

Lew Schulman
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Lew Schulman

Lew Schulman is a social entrepreneur who has helmed several successful businesses and organizations. He is the Chairman of the Board at iBUILD Global, a platform that digitizes construction flows. He is also Chairman of the Board for Karimi International, Managing Trustee of Builders of Hope Kenya Trust and a Trustee of Friends of the MAA Trust.

Lew began his career in the US Navy before starting his own business and founding several fishing co-ops in South and Central America.

In this episode

Construction is a notoriously difficult and tedious field. Every step of progress often comes with a setback. There have been innovations and improvements made along the way, but many parts of the process have remained largely unaffected. Technology is no exception, especially in terms of overhead and management. So what steps can be taken to move construction tech into the future?

Lew Schulman is experienced in this field, having worked in domestic and international construction. His company, iBUILD Global, is a leader in the digitization of construction flows. He has had a long and thorough career, giving him insight into more than just the technology itself.

In this episode of the Revenue Engine Podcast, Alex Gluz sits down with Lew Schulman, the Chairman of the Board of iBUILD Global, to discuss construction technology and marketing. They start with the realities of international construction and the benefits to digitization before addressing different cultures in construction, getting the right employees, and hurdles in the industry. Lew also talks about his mentors and the greatest lessons he learned from them.

Here’s a glimpse of what you’ll learn:
  • The hurdles in global and domestic construction
  • Lew Schulman’s experience in the US Navy
  • Navigating the different cultures within construction
  • The technology behind digitizing construction flows
  • Why emerging markets are quicker to adopt new technology
  • Striking the balance between being mission-driven and successful
  • How getting the right people takes precedence over funding
  • Lew’s greatest mentors and what he learned from them
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