Leading and Fostering a Powerful Marketing Program With Gabe Graham of Accela

Gabe Graham
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Gabe Graham

Gabe Graham is a marketing and sales executive with deep knowledge of developing and implementing digital-first marketing strategies. He is the Director of Growth and Field Marketing of Accela, a unified suite of cloud solutions for local governments. 

Prior to Accela, Gabe spent nearly two decades at H&R Block, starting as a marketing manager and exiting as their Director of Marketing Strategy.

In this episode

Marketing is a notoriously difficult facet of business. A myriad of factors can determine what works and what doesn’t, resulting in trusted marketing models failing. Companies don’t only need strong marketing but someone to lead the program — someone able to adapt to changes and find new business. So what are some of the core elements of this marketing approach?

In this episode of the Revenue Engine Podcast, Alex Gluz talks with Gabe Graham, the Director of Growth and Field Marketing at Accela, to discuss his successful marketing program at the company. They touch on the first year of growth, how Gabe approaches field marketing, and leading collaboration among teams. The two also discuss the current state of marketing and how new technology is shaping it.

Here’s a glimpse of what you’ll learn:
  • How Gabe Graham met and exceeded his first-year marketing goal
  • Why it is essential to tell a great story in marketing
  • Fostering cross-functional collaboration across two teams
  • Is field marketing worth considering?
  • Leveraging online events for prospects and customers
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