Practical Marketing Tips for Software Companies With Steve Hardy of Prophix

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Steve Hardy

Steve Hardy is the Chief Marketing Officer of Prophix, a performance management software that budgets, forecasts, and reports for corporate finance teams. He is a C-level executive with experience in SaaS with a dedication to driving growth. Along with Prophix, he works as an Advisor to and Newchip Accelerator as well as a Board Member at Pavillion.

Steve received his start in product marketing, which he has directly translated to his marketing model today.

In this episode

Steve Hardy is an effective marketer with more than 25 years under his belt. Leading the marketing for several reputable software companies gave him a well-rounded perspective on the subject. His work won him the 2019 Marketing Executive of the Year Award by SiriusDecisions and Forrester. Today he shares some of his best advice he’s developed over the many years of his successful career.

Alex Gluz hosts Steve Hardy, Chief Marketing Officer at Prophix, on this episode of the Revenue Engine Podcast to discuss marketing for software. They start with his background and education before transitioning to his current work with Prophix. The two also talk about valuable marketing strategies, gauging the patterns of your campaign, and building collaboration between the sales and marketing teams.

Here’s a glimpse of what you’ll learn:
  • Steve Hardy’s background and experience with marketing
  • What Steve did to receive Marketing Executive of the Year
  • Knowing when to maintain or change marketing campaigns
  • How do you align sales and marketing teams?
  • Prophix’s investors and how they transformed the company
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