The Art of Working with Other Businesses With Kevin Knieriem of Clari

Kevin Knieriem
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Kevin Knieriem

With more than 20 years in enterprise technology, Kevin Knieriem is an innovative executive with experience in businesses of all sizes. He is the EVP and CRO of Clari, a revenue operations platform that offers accurate forecasting and drives growth.

Prior to Clari, Kevin worked at other leading brands such as Oracle and over 10 years at SAP. He continues to serve as a Council Member of the Forbes Business Development Council and as a Founding Advisory Board Member of Sales Community.

In this episode

Business is often framed as a cutthroat competition, but that’s often not the case in b2b software. It’s in the best interest of all parties to not only cooperate but collaborate, learning from one another and increasing revenue. Many of the best executives are great learners who apply their own knowledge as well as the knowledge of others. One such leader is Kevin Knieriem.

Kevin is the EVP of Clari, a revenue operations platform that works hands-on with other businesses. He has had a long career in technology, with extensive experience in both sales and the tech itself. This expertise is something he shares eagerly with those he works with, and now shares with you.

Alex Gluz hosts an informative interview with Kevin Knieriem, the EVP and CRO of Clari, where they discuss sales and how to work well with other businesses. They begin with Kevin’s own career and his experiences in the tech industry. They then transition into b2b sales, touching on subjects such as predicting revenue, overcoming the hurdles of sales, and how to give back to the art of business. Check out the full episode of the Revenue Engine Podcast to hear it all for yourself!

Here’s a glimpse of what you’ll learn:
  • What Kevin Knieriem learned early on in the technology industry
  • Why Kevin joined Clari and what makes the business unique
  • The largest challenges with selling b2b software
  • Learning how to predict and regulate revenue
  • How Clari is able to give back to the art of sales
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