The Key to Marketing for Video Platforms with Alena Amano

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Alena Amano

Alena Amano is a performance marketing expert with more than 10 years of experience. Her most recent position was with Vimeo, where she oversaw paid acquisitions for SaaS products. She also managed global campaigns across seven languages as well as Vimeo’s external agencies.

Before Vimeo, Alena worked as a Direct Marketing Specialist at Aereo. She received her bachelor’s degree in philosophy and French from Trinity College in Hartford before interning at and switching careers. Alena holds certifications in marketing strategy and advanced growth strategy from Reforge and multiple certifications in AdWords and analytics from Google.

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Video hosting was the wild west not too long ago — both new and unpredictable. Now, that same business has become a billion-dollar industry with a few major websites all competing for visibility. Quality marketing and expansion have become vital to keep up with YouTube’s dominance in the field.

One of these websites is Vimeo, which has recently attempted to expand globally. A part of this growth surge is Alena Amano, the former Director of Marketing Performance. Between Vimeo and Aereo, she has learned how to navigate the shifting landscape of video platforms. Now she shares her story and expertise with you.

Alex Gluz sits down with Alena Amano to discuss her insights into video hosting and marketing. She breaks down the greatest turning points for Vimeo, how performance marketing has changed, and the lessons she’s learned from expanding globally. They also talk about her life, career, and where she sees herself going next. Learn all of this — and more — on this episode of the Revenue Engine Podcast.

Here’s a glimpse of what you’ll learn:

  • Alena Amano explains how she got started in media
  • How has advertising evolved on Vimeo?
  • Using localization teams to expand your brand globally
  • What were the mistakes that Alena has learned from?
  • The greatest challenge that Alena had to overcome
  • Alena’s favorite Excel plugin to simplify her work

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