Tips For Building a Great Team for Greater Growth With Bill Cunningham of SiteSpect

Bill Cunningham
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Bill Cunningham

Bill Cunningham is a sales leader with a forte in growth and scaling. He is the Chief Revenue Officer as well as the Vice President of Sales and Marketing for SiteSpect. SiteSpect delivers testing and personalization solutions to help digital businesses optimize the customer experience. They’ve worked for well-known names including Bed Bath & Beyond and Sam’s Club.

Bill has had a rich career in business development and sales spanning more than 30 years. He has worked with Kaspersky, WhiteSky, Carbonite, and more, contributing to the growth of each company and developing his own style of team management.

In this episode

The often overlooked truth for most businesses is that growth is driven by your team. It may sound simple, but many companies prioritize numbers and end results over their employees. This typically leads to dead ends, burnouts, or slow progress that doesn’t meet your goals. To successfully grow your business, it takes the right team with the right focus to bring it all together.

Bill Cunningham has implemented this theory himself with great results. He has over 30 years of experience in sales, with most of that spent building productive teams that make businesses successful. This, along with his thorough knowledge of up-to-date sales techniques, has helped him thrive in an evolving marketplace. So how does he do it?

In this episode of the Revenue Engine Podcast, Alex Gluz talks with Bill Cunningham, the Chief Revenue Officer at SiteSpect, about how to grow high-performing teams and businesses. They discuss Bill’s tips for uniting your team and how to boost your sales as older techniques stop working. They also share the key to drumming up interest for your product and scaling your business the right way.

Here’s a glimpse of what you’ll learn:
  • How Bill Cunningham went from writer to salesman to Chief Revenue Officer
  • The recent shifts in demand generation
  • Creating demand for your product rather than finding interest
  • The most important factors for growth in digital businesses
  • Why all of your departments need to be on the same page
  • Bill’s tips for building a high-performing team
  • Antiquated sales tactics that need to go
  • How to grow strategically after securing funding
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