Transforming Workplaces by Digitizing Frontline Operations with Brian Carpizo of TrustPlace Technologies

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Brian Carpizo is the Founder and CEO of TrustPlace Technologies, a digital platform that seeks to digitize and automate frontline operations. Since launching TrustPlace Technologies during the pandemic, Brian and his team have helped businesses improve operations and boost productivity and governance in the workplace.

With over 30 years of experience in operational technology, Brian has worked as a consultant, entrepreneur, and software developer. He has been recognized by industry-leading conferences and publications, including Forbes, Chicago Tribune, Microsoft’s Future Now conference, and more. Currently, Brian resides in Chicago and volunteers with One Million Degrees to help local community college students realize their full potential.

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The software industry has come a long way since it first took off in the ‘90s. From cloud services to digital marketing, it has never been a better time to start and scale a software company. However, while software tools have been created to improve a variety of business operations, there was still a gap in the market: frontline operations.

When his father was receiving home hospice care during the pandemic, entrepreneur Brian Carpizo noticed that the frontline workers didn’t have effective tools or systems in place to improve their work. This inspired him to make a change — and TrustPlace Technologies was born. With this software solution, Brian and his team are helping companies digitize their frontline operations, boost their productivity, and transform their workplaces. So, what was Brian’s approach to building his software tool, and how has he scaled the company during the pandemic?

In this episode of the Revenue Engine Podcast, Alex Gluz interviews Brian Carpizo, the Founder and CEO of TrustPlace Technologies, about how his software solution has helped companies improve frontline operations during the pandemic. Brian discusses how the software industry has evolved over the past 30 years, his approach to building TrustPlace Technologies, and how he is helping businesses digitize their operations. Stay tuned.

Here’s a glimpse of what you’ll learn:

  • Brian Carpizo discusses his experience as a consultant, entrepreneur, and software developer
  • The early days of software development and how the industry has changed over the years
  • What was Brian’s approach to building TrustPlace Technologies?
  • How TrustPlace Technologies improves processes and transforms operations for its users
  • The biggest challenges in Brian’s career
  • Brian shares the daily rituals he practices to stay focused

Resources Mentioned in this episode

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  • TrustPlace Technologies
  • TrustPlace Technologies Articles
  • Brian Carpizo on LinkedIn
  • The 7 Habits of Highly Effective People: Powerful Lessons in Personal Change by Stephen Covey

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The material was written with the help of the following resources:

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