Transforming Your Sales From the Ground Up With Adam Boushie of Finix

Adam Boushie
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Adam Boushie

With international experience and a background in entrepreneurship, Adam Boushie brings a unique mindset to his role as Chief Revenue Officer at Finix. The company offers payment solutions to software platforms, working with startups all the way to global brands. Adam spent seven years at Google and has also worked with companies like Gloo and Iron Mountain.

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Growing your business’ sales is a difficult and multifaceted prospect. Despite what some people say, there is no singular trick to scaling your company. The real solution is found in refining every part of your brand — but this is easier said than done. Fortunately, there are people who know what this looks like in practice.

Adam Boushie is the CRO of Finix, a successful payment platform for other businesses. He has worked around the globe, served at companies of all sizes, and has even started his own. His expertise can now help others find their own success.

Alex Gluz has an informative interview with Adam Boushie, the Chief Revenue Officer at Finix, wherein they discuss how to optimize your sales. They talk about Finix and how they thrive within their niche space before covering topics such as improving your team, building a sales organization, and how to handle an economic slowdown. Learn all of this and more by checking out this episode of the Revenue Engine Podcast!

Here’s a glimpse of what you’ll learn:
  • Adam Boushie’s early experience in advertising and tech
  • How Finix distinguishes itself from the competition
  • The essential elements that lead Finix to success
  • Nine steps for building a great sales organization
  • Knowing how to structure your customer relationships
  • How to build a team for niche markets
  • The best way to approach an economic slowdown
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