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B2B Paid Search Agency

Relevant ads for ready audiences on Google. PPC campaigns play a key role in what we do here – creating world-class revenue engines that power scalable, sustainable growth for B2B companies.

What is paid search (PPC)?

In contrast to the way billboards market whoever sees them, paid search or pay-per-click (PPC) campaigns market relevant messages to specific audiences. It’s closer to spearfishing than casting a wide net. It’s also a key ingredient in capturing and creating demand.

In the long sales cycles typical of B2B, paid search campaigns on Google is one way to capture short-term results. Narrowing in on primed audiences delivers higher quality leads and more efficient ad spend. With sponsored links and the pay-per-click model, these campaigns are scalable.

Our Formula: B2B advertising campaigns

We believe in framework over guesswork. Here’s an overview of our science-based formula:

#1 Strategy

  • Full funnel optimization
  • Target market identification & segmentation
  • Evaluation of past campaigns, KPIs

#2 Campaign creation ​

  • Analytics audit
  • Conversion tracking setup
  • Creative assets & landing page(s)

#3 Optimization

  • Campaign management
  • A/B, audience and other testing
  • Optimization as data brings new insights

#4 Scale to increase revenue

  • Now it’s time to win on brand.

Why B2B companies partner with T.A. Monroe B2B paid search agency

Make ad spend count

A formulaic, data-driven approach puts every dollar to work for you – in the most effective way possible.

Subject matter experts

Put an analytics whiz, pragmatic problem solver, B2B paid search strategist and more on your team. Our team members are experts in their fields.

Put PPC in good hands

Rest assured campaign monitoring, testing and refinement are fully covered by industry experts and off your plate.

Know where you stand

Our client partners get access to our playbook. Beyond letting you in on the recipe, we’ll always be up front about cost, timing and expected results.

Value beyond PPC campaigns

Strategy that scales beats one-off paid search campaigns. Get your revenue engine running with a Lead Optimization Report or Rev-Gen Playbook.
In 3 months, we increased Aptito’s customer acquisition by 700%.How can we help you?​