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B2B Social Media Marketing Agency

We’ve got social media marketing down to a science. Effective, data-driven social media marketing is one step in building you a world-class revenue engine.

Reach B2B Audiences on these Social Channels

Youtube ads Market to customers who are actively searching with more intent to purchase

  • 3.6 billion Google searches happen every day
  • Great for bottom-of-funnel conversions
  • Robust retargeting features

LinkedIn ads Reach decision-makers and extend brand reach with targeted LinkedIn ads.

Facebook and Instagram ads They’re not only for B2C! Increase your brand awareness in an approachable way.

  • Targeting options get you in front of the right audience
  • Effective in promoting events from in-person to webinars
  • With pictures & video, the right graphics go a long way

T.A. Monroe’s B2B Social Media Marketing Services

Get a performance-driven strategy to amplify your brand, create demand within your target market and maximize your revenue.

Pre-launch audit Before diving into ads, make sure you have a solid foundation in place. This means an effective website with the right analytics, that you have conversion tracking in place and are set up to key KPIs that measure your goals. And we’re meticulous about full-funnel optimization to get you in front of the right people at the right time.

Campaign Development Partner with our social experts to execute campaigns that improve your bottom line. Get advice on which type(s) of ads work best for your goals. This phase starts with expert analysis of available analytics, performance of past campaigns and target market research. Next comes answers to questions like “how should I target my audience” “what kind of headlines work best” and more.

Monitoring and optimization Is your campaign effective? How could it be more effective? From A/B testing ads to constantly working to hone in on your target market, we have a formula. Have peace of mind knowing that we’re constantly testing and refining your campaign. T.A. Monroe’s proprietary analytics are key in our science-based social media marketing strategy. We’ll be up front about what’s working and what’s not, and we’ll keep optimizing.

In 3 months, we increased Aptito’s customer acquisition by 700%.How can we help you?​