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Paid Search (PPC)

PPC campaigns are one way to get in front of people with high intent to make a purchase. Before we set to work on your Demand Generation strategy, we make sure to capture all the existing demand first. Paid search campaigns capture that low-hanging fruit.

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PPC campaigns market relevant messages to specific audiences. They’re closer to spearfishing than casting a wide net. They’re also key ingredients in capturing and creating demand.

In the long sales cycles typical of B2B, paid search campaigns on Google is one way to capture short-term results. Narrowing in on primed audiences delivers higher quality leads and more efficient ad spend. With sponsored links and the pay-per-click model, these campaigns are scalable.

Why choose T.A. Monroe

Effective ad dollars

A formulaic, data-driven approach allocates every ad dollar effectively. That means you get optimal results – and ROI.

Subject matter experts

Put an analytics whiz, pragmatic problem solver, B2B paid search strategist and more on your team. Our team members are experts in their fields.

Put PPC in good hands

Rest assured campaign monitoring, testing and refinement are fully covered by industry experts and off your plate.

Know where you stand

Our client partners get access to our playbook. Beyond letting you in on the recipe, we’ll always be up front about cost, timing and expected results.

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