Rising to the Challenge: Strategies for Thriving in a Volatile B2B SaaS Market

The face of B2B marketing has significantly changed over the last few years. So, marketers must constantly be on the lookout for emerging trends and problems in marketing, such as rapid automation or the shifting emphasis on efficient demand generation.

Now, as we start 2023, B2B marketers must once more manage the erratic marketing environment in the ensuing year. But staying on top of these difficulties is essential to achieve higher marketing ROI.

This article will explain the major challenges facing the B2B SaaS industry. We will also highlight some of the causes of these challenges and some potential remedies that can help alleviate the effects of these challenges.

The Biggest Marketing Challenge Facing the B2B SaaS Industry Today

As we get comfortable with what 2023 has to offer, there are still some issues that will stay top of mind for most B2B SaaS companies. Last year ended with concerns about recessions, inflation, and overall industry volatility. Many businesses also pulled their marketing budgets, froze their hiring, and postponed significant infrastructure changes. However, the challenge that most —if not all— B2B SaaS companies face in marketing is the economic downturn and the rise of dark social.

Economic Downturn

Worldwide inflation has increased significantly, and the US, the largest SaaS market, is highly impacted. This economic downturn has affected even historically stable Western Europe, and since everything is becoming more expensive, founders and C-Suite executives are under more pressure than ever.

The Rise of Dark Social

Dark Social has become an issue for many B2B SaaS marketers everywhere. In case you are unaware, Dark Social is a term used to describe traffic coming from distribution channels that are difficult to track accurately, such as WhatsApp messages and links shared in online communities and forums. Companies need help to convince customers to engage with their content, products, or services.

What Are the Root Causes of These Challenges?

Knowing where these challenges originate offers B2B SaaS companies a starting point for working up solutions. Below are some of the root causes of these challenges:

Increasing Competition

The fact that SaaS is intangible presents the biggest marketing hurdles for SaaS companies. Selling an “invisible” product in a market with a short sales cycle and a highly competitive environment and we’re getting in front of a prospect can be the difference between landing a client and having them choose one of your rivals can be difficult. Because of all these issues, SaaS calls for an alternative strategy to traditional ones.

Increased Need For Data-Driven Insights

Data is and will remain King. However, too much need for it can be a problem for B2B SaaS marketers. Most marketers want to know the platforms where their target audiences are most active, but Dark Social has already made it harder for them to track where additional traffic is coming from. As such, most find it difficult to properly form user-profiles and effectively gain useful insights into their users.

What Are Some of the Potential Solutions?

So how do B2B SaaS businesses tackle these challenges? What are some of the solutions present at the table?

Leveraging Marketing Automation

Marketing automation allows your team to become more efficient and effective. This frees your team to focus on more imaginative tasks like developing plans and ideas for upcoming projects and campaigns or developing solutions to marketing problems. Plus, it could also help lower staffing costs that you could use in other areas.

Leveraging Dark Social Channels

Leveraging dark social channels must be a priority foR B2B SaaS companies. Marketers must understand the source of their traffic in order to develop a successful plan. Additionally, they can utilize this to collect user intent information and win top stakeholders’ backing for bigger marketing investments.

Hiring an Experienced Marketing Agency

Working with a reputed marketing company specializing in creating demand for B2B SaaS businesses can assist you in setting up a marketing automation strategy or even leveraging dark social channels. If you’re thinking of completely redesigning your growth approach to overcome these obstacles, hire a B2B SaaS marketing firm.
Our knowledgeable staff at T.A. Monroe Digital Agency can assist SaaS organizations with scaling their revenue engines and demand generation and help with their marketing challenges. Contact us today for more information on how to avoid today’s marketing challenges.

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