5 Key Findings: How Top B2B SaaS Companies Generate Leads

As a demand generation agency working with dozens of B2B SaaS companies, we’ve had the unique opportunity to dive deep into their top competitors’ marketing strategies. After completing over 15 Lead Enhancer analyses in the last 30 days, we uncovered the repeatable tactics used by the most successful brands to drive qualified traffic and leads. 

Here are the top 5 lessons we learned from analyzing top B2B SaaS companies.

1. Optimize Your LinkedIn Presence for the Full Funnel

The most effective brands are strategic with their LinkedIn content across the awareness, consideration and conversion stages. They use a mix of ungated educational content to attract visitors, product demos and reviews for consideration, and simplified lead gen forms to convert prospects.

2. Diversify Your LinkedIn Ad Types and Creative

To boost ad performance, savvy marketers test different LinkedIn ad formats like a single image, document, and video ads. They also optimize ad creative with vertical and square layouts that lead to 20%+ higher CTRs.

3. Focus Google Ads on Your Competitors’ Blind Spots

An in-depth analysis of competitors’ Google Ads accounts reveals untapped keyword opportunities. Redirecting spend to these new keywords provides a competitive edge.

4. Tie Paid Ads to a Full-Funnel Strategy

The most successful brands align every paid ad campaign to a broader channel strategy focused on moving prospects seamlessly through the funnel.

5. Keep Lead Gen Forms Simple and On-Brand

Short, simple lead gen forms that reflect brand messaging convert 5-10% more visitors. They eliminate unnecessary fields and only ask for essential info.

Want to see exactly how your company stacks up against your 2 biggest competitors? Our Lead Enhancer analysis reveals new opportunities for growth.

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