Crucial Advice for Enterprise Sales With Wendy Petty of WorkFusion

Wendy Petty
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Wendy Petty

Wendy Petty is the Chief Revenue Officer at WorkFusion, a leading provider of automation solutions for Fortune 500 enterprises, banks, and financial services companies. She has a career in sales spanning over 30 years, with experience in advanced technical expertise, developing influential relationships, and sales education.

Some of Wendy’s prior positions include Chief Sales Officer at Erwin Inc., Executive Director of Global Channels at Verizon Enterprise Solutions, and 10 years at FalconStor Software.

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Enterprise sales are inherently challenging with a high barrier of entry. These prospects tend to be exceedingly reserved and hesitant to invest in new ideas. For sales teams in this field, it takes an extra level of strategy and dedication to ensure a close.

Wendy Petty has firsthand experience with these difficulties. Her extensive career has led her to a leadership position at WorkFusion, working in the world of enterprise sales. She has led herself and her team to continued growth, and now explains how she did it.

In this episode of the Revenue Engine Podcast, Alex Gluz interviews Wendy Petty, the Chief Revenue Officer at WorkFusion, to talk about the most important aspects of enterprise sales. They discuss her career, some of the greatest lessons she’s learned, and building relationships with potential clients. They also discuss the role metrics and marketing play in sales.

Here’s a glimpse of what you’ll learn:
  • Wendy’s start in technology and transition to sales
  • The most valuable metrics to track
  • What role does marketing play in sales pipelines?
  • Building relationships with high-value prospects
  • The greatest lessons Wendy learned throughout her career
  • What the future holds for WorkFusion’s sales team
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