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Rene de Jong is a global serial entrepreneur and angel investor. In 1986, he started his first business, don Quijote, which became the number one private organization for adult in-country Spanish language courses. He sold the company in 2005 and started as an investor for exciting new start-ups. He has previously worked as the CEO of Internet Advantage and the Associate Director at Equiteq. In addition to this, Rene is an involved volunteer with organizations such as Uniting People and Impulse4women.

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Growing a start-up is difficult, to say the least. Between competition, a lack of experience, and the changing marketplace, very few people are able to achieve lasting success. Mentors and investors can make a difference, offering much-needed capital and expertise. But the best investors are experts — the kinds that have found success themselves.

Rene de Jong is an angel investor as well as a serial entrepreneur. He has started multiple successful businesses, including don Quijote, which became a leading organization for teaching Spanish to adults. As someone who has worked on both sides of the start-up equation, he’s uniquely equipped to help businesses grow and find success. So, what are his top tips?

Alex Gluz talks with angel investor and experienced entrepreneur Rene de Jong on this episode of the Revenue Engine Podcast about the topic of start-ups and what they should focus on. Together, they discuss Rene’s storied career and his experience starting his first company. They also dive into more detail on the attributes of a successful start-up and the best ways to sell your company. Stay tuned to hear all this and more!

Here’s a glimpse of what you’ll learn:
  • How Rene de Jong started his first business at the age of 26
  • Knowing if and when to sell your company
  • The early days of digital marketing and how Rene helped pioneer the field
  • What Rene looks for when investing in a start-up
  • The X factors that make new start-ups thrive
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