How to Improve Your Tech Marketing with Aaron Kaffen of Bigleaf Networks

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Aaron Kaffen

Aaron Kaffen is a growth-focused leader and the Vice President of Marketing at Bigleaf Networks, an SD-WAN platform that improves cloud connectivity and overall internet performance for businesses. Aaron brings over 15 years of experience in strategic and analytical marketing to the company, specializing in a variety of software categories.

Before joining Bigleaf, Aaron worked at companies such as Tecplot, Inc., Cloudability, and He was also an adopter of early web technologies in the ‘90s, even being one of the first to write a thesis on human interaction online.

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Technology marketing is unique, for better and for worse. On one hand, the target audience is far more knowledgeable than the average customer. On the other hand, the fierce competition and expectations can make it difficult to gain ground. This is especially true for startups with small marketing teams and even smaller budgets. In these cases, how do you make a name for your brand?

This is the position that Aaron Kaffen found himself in on multiple occasions. With his experience in a variety of marketing roles, he has helped companies like Cloudability achieve incredible growth and become a recognized name in the industry. Now Aaron is working with Bigleaf Networks to help them improve their marketing in the same way. Today, he’s here to share his hard-won insights with you.

In this episode of the Revenue Engine Podcast, Alex Gluz hosts Aaron Kaffen, the Vice President of Marketing at Bigleaf Networks, to discuss how to market a technology business. Aaron goes over the early days of his career, how he helped Cloudability scale, and his current contributions at Bigleaf. The two also discuss crucial topics like product education, in-person events, and outsourcing services. Stay tuned for more.

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