How To Utilize AI in Marketing With Collin Mitchell

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Collin Mitchell

Collin Mitchell is a sales specialist, investor, and entrepreneur. He is Vice President of Sales at Leadium and currently works with other companies such as Vengresso, Nigel Green, and uCast. He is also the host of the Sales Transformation Podcast, where he offers bite-sized advice on how to transform your sales.

At 25, Collin founded his first company and has since successfully exited three separate endeavors.

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AI is a hot-button topic, especially in the world of business. With fierce competition, companies are looking to technology to secure any advantage. Leveraging AI is not enough, however. Knowing how and where to use it is equally as important, not only securing more customers but earning their long-term trust.

Collin Mitchell has worked in sales for more than 15 years. Along with starting his own businesses, he has developed a talent for sales and how to access customers. He led the sales for Humantic, an AI and marketing platform, and now explains his insights for others looking to combine the two.

In this episode of the Revenue Engine Podcast, Alex Gluz interviews Collin Mitchell, the former Head of Sales at Humantic, to discuss his knowledge and how AI is being used in marketing. They break down Collin’s early life, selling directly to the customer, and the work that Humantic does in the AI space. The two also talk about the best advice he received from his mentors.

Here’s a glimpse of what you’ll learn:
  • Collin Mitchell’s early struggles and how he started his career
  • Selling to the person rather than the persona
  • What Humantic does and why Collin joined them
  • Key insights and takeaways from Collin’s career
  • How AI can be used – and already is used – in marketing
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