Identifying and Overcoming Challenges With Quentin Kasseh of Nomad Engineers Consulting Group

Quentin Kasseh
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Quentin Kasseh Quentin Kasseh is a software engineering executive and the Director of Software Engineering at RelationalAI. He is also the Founder of Nomad Engineers Consulting Group, helping businesses tackle their most complex tech and data challenges. Through his career, Quentin has supervised and grown teams up to 300 employees and budgets up to $28M. He is a solution architect, managing targets while resolving cloud and software reliability, culture, and talent development issues.

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Every entrepreneur and executive is aware of the challenges inherent in business. This is only the surface, however, as every company must tackle a myriad of unique challenges. From startups to established corporations, how do you overcome the problems holding you back?

An easy place to start is learning from experienced leaders in your field. Quentin Kasseh has founded startups, grown businesses, and joined existing powerhouses to bring them to new heights. His multi-faceted career gives him the insight to diagnose many issues facing modern companies.

In this episode of the Revenue Engine Podcast, Alex Gluz has a conversation with Quentin Kasseh, Founder of Nomad Engineers Consulting Group, about overcoming marketing and business challenges. The two discuss building a potent team, AI’s role in modern business, handling customers, going to market, and launching startups. They also talk about the greatest lessons Quentin learned from his mentors.

Here’s a glimpse of what you’ll learn:
  • The greatest challenges Quentin Kasseh faced launching his startup
  • Building an incredible team to drive a business
  • Quentin’s approach for going to market
  • Dealing with unaware customers
  • AI regulations and expectations in marketing
  • Quentin’s mentors and greatest lessons learned
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