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Aaron Mellman
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Aaron Mellman

Aaron Mellman is a Renaissance man in all forms of media production, and he’s the Marketing Director at Aiden Technologies. Aiden Technologies is an automated endpoint management service that’s designed to keep Windows secure, even when brought up to scale. Its patent-pending software uses AI to automate the process of patch management and software deployment fully.

Aaron has had a long career leading up to Aiden, first working at Lionsgate Entertainment as a distribution assistant. From there he worked as a TV producer, director, and camera operator for BBC, Animal Planet, and National Geographic. He took his talents into videography and his own production company before ultimately switching to marketing, where he works today.

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Knowing how to present a new business is crucial for its success. After all, if the unique ideas of your company don’t come through, how will it stand out among the competition? Having a great product is important, but knowing how it fits into the industry is just as important. Quality marketing allows these businesses to tell their product’s story in a way that consumers can understand. It’s great if telling stories is in your background.

Aaron Mellman is a marketer with plenty of experience in media production. His own company worked with networks such as BBC and Animal Planet. He now uses those same principles in marketing and digital strategy. Aaron currently works for Aiden Technologies, which is a prime case study due to its complex nature as an endpoint management service. How do you market this kind of product, and how do you find your target audience?

Alex Gluz sits down with Aaron Mellman, the Marketing Director at Aiden Technologies, to find out how he markets a new business. Aaron walks through his process of testing, optimizing, and scaling your marketing to ensure steady growth. He goes over how to find your niche in your field and how to differentiate yourself from competitors. The two also take the time to discuss the daily rituals that help them find work-life balance. It’s all of that and more on this episode of the Revenue Engine Podcast.

Here’s a glimpse of what you’ll learn:

  • Aaron Mellman of Aiden Technologies explains how he got into television and marketing
  • Which metrics should you focus on and report?
  • Knowing which businesses to work with as a B2B company
  • Advice for starting your own business and how to market it
  • The greatest turning points for Aiden Technologies
  • How niche should your marketing be for your industry?
  • The important daily rituals that Aaron practices every day

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